Anyone can be hot in photo shop

Again I have failed another week!! End of the semester is always the busiest, until then I will be posting once a week!
The latest news I want to discuss is this whole being naked on the Internet thing.
I’m glad Kiera knightly did it with good intentions to be not photo shopped. However, why are we so accepting of these photos and promoting it?
The fact that the naked, clearly photo shopped, images of Kim kardashian were EVERYWHERE on social media was extremely annoying on so many levels. I just hope that we can begin moving past the days where you can be famous for literally nothing while people are getting paid less to save lives.
Anyway, that is my little rant for now, here is the image of something way cuter than Kim’s butt.



Winter is coming…

It has been yet another cloudy, cold, rainy day around here. That means winter is almost upon us.

Naturally, I looked through summer photos and put on a beach soundtrack and wished I was back under the warm Rays of the sun.

Maybe a trip to Cali is in order for this girl over break!

I have been in love with saboskirt lately! If you aren’t following them On instagram yet, DO IT!

This is my newest obsession by them, hopefully I can plan a little sunny vaca and have an excuse to buy it!


The man bun obsession

Tonight I went and enjoyed the movies, I was presently surprised with the reclining chairs and seating options. Picking your own seat helps the awkward search in the dark where everyone watches you fumble around in the dark for a mere seat that is most likely beside them.
I enjoyed the new movie “Nightcrawler” with the always amazing Jake Gyllenhaal! He was absolutely perfect in every way. However, to my wonderful surprise the focus was definitely on his cute man bun.
For many women this is an obsession that we cannot describe, there is simply just something so sexy about those messy, lush, man buns.
So guys if you can pull off the bad dude vibe I highly suggest growing out the hair! Even if it’s not that long you can still rock the mini bun as seen by Jake Gyllenhaal in “Nightcrawler”.


Technology roadblock!

So I already ended up missing a few days! However, it was due to not being able to access the internet!

Halloween turned out to be an uneventful affair that was a long 12 hour bartending shift at work. Hopefully many others were able to put together super cute outfits!

This year I tackled the skeleton makeup, I ended up doing the half face look, mainly because I didn’t think I could replicate it on both sides. I wish there was more opportunities to dress up in Halloween type costumes but alas I will have to wait another year.

On another note, I finally have internet in my new place *does happy dance* so I will now be able to post more and find cool little things to share!

This month is going to go by so quickly, it is filled with projects, home visits, friendly reunions and then the daunting task of studying for exams, dun.. dun … DUN!

Also some new upcoming and exciting things is I will soon be starting the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines, I will post updates on how it works, results, ect.

I will end this post with the result of the skull make up I attempted on the weekend.



After a long hiatus I am back and determined to make this blog thrive by posting daily!!! That’s right I am taking on the crazy venture of daily postings.

Over the last little while I have been furthering my dreams of what I want for my fashion future. This industry is one of high stress, constant questioning, and high competition. It is full of stressful breakdowns and that little voice in your head saying, “are you sure this is what you want to do, so many other people are way better.”

Sadly I am going to quote Taylor Swift here and say, “SHAKE IT OFF”. Seriously that is all you can do, if it is your dream and passion then you are on the right track, no matter what there will always be someone better, just be the best YOU.

I am even going to post to my polyvore page several times a week as well. Again, I think I am CRAZY for making these goals but I need to create consistency and determination if I ever dream of owning my own store (those deadlines will be INSANE).

Remember, you have just as many hours in a day as BEYONCE.

Here is my latest Polyvore post for you to gander at, follow me on Instagram too @backalleyfashion

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.10.41 PM